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In China (Beijing) international textile machinery exhibition

2016/08/11 09:14
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On November 24 ~ 26, 2010, held in China international exhibition center
  Along with the added value product of fabrics material improving steadily and in order to enhance international competitiveness, the regional development of China's textile industry has become increasingly mature. With the advantage of adhering to the original textile industrial base in north China and with the help of a good industrial policy, the north textile industry rises rapidly since 2009. Textile mills moving phenomenon is increasingly prominent and the textile factory of Hebei, Henan, Northeast, Dalian and Beijing and Tianjin areas spring up. Through the China (Beijing) international textile machinery exhibition (2010) , many enterprises enter Beijing market, with innovation, optimization, collection, services for the theme. They will spare no efforts to build the core of national large exhibition in the center of the capital of Beijing of the northern parts. At the same time, Beijing is the important financial, economy, political, and cultural center of Asia and its foreign trade activity is very frequent and extensive. So with the textile and clothing and equipment market moving northward, a specialization, branding and International exhibition platform becomes the most pressing needs of the northern market.
  Tangshan Kun peng intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. is invited to attended the event as the first industry leader status with the first domestic sales in the ten consecutive years. In the exhibition, our company talks to and listens with a number of new and old customers’ using experience. The customers say that Kun peng intelligent products have often been imitate but never been surpassed because of the profession and service of Kun peng. With the satisfaction with products of customers, at the same time it also makes us aware that the professional technical achieves the enterprise development speed. At the same time the original products with independent intellectual property rights have received foreign customer's favor and also let foreigners lament China textile machinery’s rapid development momentum for several years. We know deeply that 1% of our error will cause the customer a 100% loss. So ten years of rigorous work attitude makes us stronger than our counterparts.. Over the next decade we will make full use of our technology to make Kun peng fly higher and further like the golden eagle.
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