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Attending ITMA Asia + CITME international textile machinery exhibition

2010/06/10 00:00
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On June 22, 2010, China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition was held in Shanghai new international expo center. High efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, comprehensive automation have become the theme of this exhibition.


  The exhibition lasts for five days and a total of 1.171 companies come from 28 countries and regions. On the exhibition, the exhibitors brought their main products to the exhibition on display and some international well-known textile enterprises brought their newly developed high-end textile machinery equipment to the scene, which provides a zero distance contact with the attendance of the world's most advanced textile equipment. And it also contributes to the technical exchanges and cooperation between the present enterprises.


  Tangshan Kun peng intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. appears in the exhibition relying on its independent research and development of computer jacquard needle selection and automatically adjustable wire series products. The efficient and stable product quality as well as its comprehensive and thoughtful humanization after-sales support make Kun peng intelligent the well-known textile machinery equipment companies at the international exhibition. The customers at home and abroad to come and consult look like an endless stream. The exhibition of 5 days Kun peng intelligent has built a good communication platform with clients in all countries to, which also makes the Kun peng and the domestic and foreign companies having reached a good intentions of cooperation.


  The 2010 China international textile machinery exhibition has been successfully completed. This exhibition provides Kun peng intelligent with the information of the accurately grasp industry trends in the future. And more importantly, the exhibition enables the domestic and foreign customers have the opportunity to understand and know Kun peng better and better. It also has laid a good foundation to make Kun peng intelligent become the leader of the domestic knitting integrated automation equipment and the international well-known textile equipment company. We believe that through our own perfecting and effort, Kun peng intelligent will certainly become one of the most dazzling pearl textile equipments in the near future.